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In the ghetto, someone might refer to a cheap drink as a short dog, most likely a two dollar silo of beer or something similar.
Yo! Pick me up a short dog when you go down to the store.
by Rollo Tomasi February 09, 2005
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A half-pint of liquor, usually vodka.
Sammy had him a short dog every morning on his way to work.
by timmerfee February 14, 2017
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A "short dog" refers to the smallest sized bottle (375ml) of MD 20/20 fortified wine (aka Mad Dog).
"Returning to my old Pontiac after the liquor store and buying an L.A. Times, I climbed in and cracked my short dog, then took a long blast before starting the car."
by Autry October 30, 2011
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Can be referred to as a body style of a cadillac, usually the late 80's early 90's Cadillac
We were riding in the short dog caddy
by Christina aka RED July 22, 2005
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