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a school that consists of wannabe hippies. girls who think there really origional with there photography pictures. rich kids who claim to not be rich. ugly cheerleaders. and a horrible math department.
97.3455% of the school participates in the use of pot. which makes them all pretty chill
but overall shorecrest is a legit school.
no stupid preps/ jocks/ skanky sluts like shorewood.
all good in the lfp hood.
shorecrest is the most spirited school in the nation, THATS A FACT!!!
by whattssupp January 30, 2008
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Founded in 1923, Shorecrest Preparatory School (SPS) is a wannabe elitist school for posers in St Petersburg, Florida. Despite being a campus primarily comprised of portables behind a facade, Shorecrest has succeeded in luring the children and money of suckers for many years, mostly due to the parents' pathetic desire to pretend they're important while their children end up worthless druggie losers shuffling through the halls of many a junior college across these United States after failing out of some average state school.

Nonetheless, Shorecrest strides along telling all who will listen just how great they are, a note that only falls on the ears of the ugly and/or fat but rich, the once-poor newly-rich, those with an inferiority complex, and they who pose.

SPS fields a decent array of athletic teams, which all are beacons of mediocrity year in and year out. Taking the field, they suit up in hideous green and highlighter yellow uniforms, which they claim are kelly green and gold (clearly a symbolic microcosom of a distorted perception and losery obsession with mock-wealth and ensuing clinical envy), and actually serve as a distracting element to aid their poor athletic endeavors. These blaringly fugly unis are normally adorned by a lightning bolt somewhere, though lately SPS has been brave enough, dorky enough, and posery enough to steal the snakey looking S from the Slytherin House of Hogwarts from the childrens' book series of Harry Potter.

Shorecrest's lush 23-acre campus of portables and pine needles is nestled between festering swamp land, a faux-neighborhood of poorly built homes, and a powerplant that probably gives off enough radiation to explain both the failures of Shorecrest alumni, teachers and their woeful state of denial and thereby protective pomposity.
by who11 November 28, 2006
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Yeah even though Shorecrest does have a lot of wimpy kids smoking the hippie lettuce (what do you expect from such dorky parents?), it's a decent academic school I suppose. One of the best private schools in the Tampa Bay area really.

Admiral Farragut-- for troubled youths in need of discipline and undesired by parents who can't be bothered.

St. Pete Catholic-- are you kidding me? It's practically a public school.

Tampa Catholic-- beneath a public school.

CCC-- actually it's OK and that's all there is to say.

Jesuit-- uh...all boys Catholic school? I worry about what they do to those boys.

Academy of Holy Names-- all girls Catholic school--sounds good but the girls this place spits out turn into the biggest outta control skanks and end up in junior college after one semester of college.

Northside Christian/Keswick/Indian Rocks Christian etc.-- I don't think their teachers even have college degrees and they try to talk about Jesus and the Bible in every subject.

There are really only five private schools worth spending the money, and yeah they do cost more than all the others and for good reason: Berkeley, Canterbury, Saint Stephens, Shorecrest, and Tampa Prep are the only true prep schools and if you go to any other private school in the bay area then you're wasting your money.
Shorecrest is a good school, I guess, but they have fat cheerleaders and pranny sissy boys there.
by ZLBIII February 26, 2008
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