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Home of the Thunderbirds (squawk!). A school that continuously devotes time, year after hopeless year to bending over for Shorecrest's football team (the dominating rivals) for at least the past 4 years in a row. Shorewood has some upsides however: like...they have hot chicks, and ugly ass guys, so Shorecrest doods tend to make the trip over there, pick up some hoes and bang 'em. Man, if only the chicks would bend over for us doods as good as their football team does it, that would be something. Also it's full of kids who think they are hella hood, in fact, they call it "shore-hood"...and once you spend a day around there, you realize why nobody else will call it shore-hood. have a happy football season next year boys on your way to another 1-9 record!
"Dood you wanna go pick up some Shorewood chicks?"
"Naww man, let's just pick up one of the SW football players, we both know they bend over for us wayy better then any chick."
"Dood, NO HOMO."
"All i gotta say is BEAT THE WOOD!"
by frasheeeezy February 01, 2008
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