Home of the Thunderbirds (squawk!). A school that continuously devotes time, year after hopeless year to bending over for Shorecrest's football team (the dominating rivals) for at least the past 4 years in a row. Shorewood has some upsides however: like...they have hot chicks, and ugly ass guys, so Shorecrest doods tend to make the trip over there, pick up some hoes and bang 'em. Man, if only the chicks would bend over for us doods as good as their football team does it, that would be something. Also it's full of kids who think they are hella hood, in fact, they call it "shore-hood"...and once you spend a day around there, you realize why nobody else will call it shore-hood. have a happy football season next year boys on your way to another 1-9 record!
"Dood you wanna go pick up some Shorewood chicks?"
"Naww man, let's just pick up one of the SW football players, we both know they bend over for us wayy better then any chick."
"Dood, NO HOMO."
"All i gotta say is BEAT THE WOOD!"
by frasheeeezy February 1, 2008
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A small town just north of MIlwaukee. Awesome. High school has different buildings.
Shorewood is much better than Whitefish Bay.
Our mascot is a greyhound.
We have the highest population density in Wisconsin.
Our Culvers is the most popular one in the world.
We are consistently good at any sport without a ball and we're pretty good at soccer and volleyball. Football finally broke their 18 year losing streak.
Scenes from Transformers 3 were filmed south of there.
Sometimes we have surprise parties.
Right by the lake.
Biggest streets, Capitol Dr. Oakland Ave. and Lake Dr.
Some smaller streets: Prospect Ave. Maryland Ave. Murray Ave. Lake Bluff Blvd. Wilson (which turns into Santa Monica when you hit WFB) Kensington Ave. Shorewood Blvd. Olive St. Wood Place, Alpine Ave. Marion St. Morris Blvd. etc.
Good performing arts, pretty good visual arts programs. Band is just ok.
One private school St. Roberts, two public elementary schools, Atwater and Lake Bluff. There is Shorewood Intermediate School and Shorewood High School
We're pretty great.
No major mountains, fjords, plateaus, volcanoes, islands, canyons, deserts, rain forests, jungles, zoos, glaciers (although we do get snow!), Oceans or seas, etc.
Founding place of AFB.
We have a fire department and a popo department.
A library.
lots of salons, coffee places and banks in that order.
extremely liberal.
guys that directed Airplane from here.
Better than Whitefish Bay.
I like living in Shorewood, WI. Don't you? Yeah, I do. Where do you live in Shorewood? on Kensigton. Oh thats cool! I live on Murray! Sweet, lets get some money from a bank then buy some coffee and get our hair did, by the lake away from all the fjords and mountains and volcanoes and etc. Then lets vote for someone liberal!
by mondaytuesday August 16, 2012
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shorewood is a village in wisconsin that borders the northern boundaries of milwaukee, and the eastern edge of lake michigan. its population is about 13000, and is only about 1.6 suare miles big. it's known for being an upper middle class to wealthy suburb, full of idiots.
The police force keeps itself busy by pulling over stupid kids driving their mom's minivans and SUVs, as well as any black person that rolls throughdwb.
In the past 15 years, whordes of russians have taken over every apartment they can cram 5-9 people into. If you're looking around Oakland avenue, capitol drive, wilson drive, and murray street across from the police station, you will not be able to throw a stick without hitting some goon with lots of gel in their hair, and a cheap chain around their neck.ruskieruski Don't expect any of them to speak decent english to you either, and wear a raincoat as they spit.
If you like coffee, enjoy, there is a Starbucks, Stone Creek, Alterra, as well as a few other small shops. Don't get hit by Nancy Northshore in her BMW SUV when she's swingining wildly out the parking lot though, she's late for Zumba(or some other crap) but still needs her $14 coffee.
Just remember though, it could be worse, you could be living in Whitefish Bay.
"i went through shorewood, wi and tried to take Capitol Drive. I got pulled over for an hour while they searched my car. Turns out i was driving while black dwb

"go greyhounds, at least we aren't Whitefish Bay"
by theavenger333 February 3, 2012
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Fuck this town.
Not only is it so small but it comes with a bunch of jackasses waiting to smell you for sex inspection.
I got a GF from Shorewood!
by bitchdipshit February 21, 2021
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