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Yeah even though Shorecrest does have a lot of wimpy kids smoking the hippie lettuce (what do you expect from such dorky parents?), it's a decent academic school I suppose. One of the best private schools in the Tampa Bay area really.

Admiral Farragut-- for troubled youths in need of discipline and undesired by parents who can't be bothered.

St. Pete Catholic-- are you kidding me? It's practically a public school.

Tampa Catholic-- beneath a public school.

CCC-- actually it's OK and that's all there is to say.

Jesuit-- uh...all boys Catholic school? I worry about what they do to those boys.

Academy of Holy Names-- all girls Catholic school--sounds good but the girls this place spits out turn into the biggest outta control skanks and end up in junior college after one semester of college.

Northside Christian/Keswick/Indian Rocks Christian etc.-- I don't think their teachers even have college degrees and they try to talk about Jesus and the Bible in every subject.

There are really only five private schools worth spending the money, and yeah they do cost more than all the others and for good reason: Berkeley, Canterbury, Saint Stephens, Shorecrest, and Tampa Prep are the only true prep schools and if you go to any other private school in the bay area then you're wasting your money.
Shorecrest is a good school, I guess, but they have fat cheerleaders and pranny sissy boys there.
by ZLBIII February 26, 2008
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