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n. A "can't miss" sale or exchange of goods often taken advantage of by the most frugal, cheapest person you know. A real shopportunity envolves multiple exchanges, layers, relationships, and coupons. This is sometimes mistaken for a scam, and borders on white collar crime.
Cam: "Dude, did you hear about the shopportunity that Goldenstein just scored?"

Mark: "No, what did it entail?"

Cam: "He went and bought 3 Sunday newspapers for the $60 off a glucose monitor coupon..."

Mark: "But, he's not even diabetic."

Cam: "Right, but the Walgreens in Wyoming had the glucose monitor advertized for $30, so he bought 3 of them, gaining $90 in store credit, which he used to buy 9 copies of a video game. He took those 9 copies to Game Stop, where he got $30 in store credit for each copy. He used that to get a PS3, essentially he got it for free."
by dpmarky November 18, 2010
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Any opportunity one has to shop. A combo of the words "shop" and "opportunity".
Lisa: We were gonna go skiing, but I think we just passed a mall.

Anne: We can ski any time! Right now we can't afford to pass up this shopportunity.
by Dr Lina P June 11, 2009
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A golden opportunity for shopping. When the opportunity for shopping arises at the same time as you find a parking space in front of the store and you have plenty of cash.
Marty was thrilled when the confluence of parking space, cash-in-hand, sale, and time created a shopportunity at the local kitchen store. She knew that her shopping was meant to be!
by MaineChallengedOne January 26, 2008
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