Extreme action of toolishness. Usually always wearing tye dye, taking mirror pics, and being sexy.
No! Stop shooping you piece of poop!
by Logan Kimmel February 26, 2011
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Hey Eliza, wanna go shooping later?

No sorry, i already took a poop
by Nenad617 May 31, 2009
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A comedic variant of 'shopped (i.e., photoshopped).

Arose from a conflation of two memes - namely, the "Shoop da whoop" and the "This looks shopped" memes. Possibly first used on 4-chan.
"This looks shooped. I can tell by some of the pixels and by shooping a few whoops in my time."
by enoch roote November 7, 2007
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Multi meaning slang word commonly referred to the word stupid but can take the place of any noun or adjective.

Other forms of Shoop Shoop:
Shooped (Shoop-id), shoopidity, Shoop,

shoo (if your especially lazy(shoe))
That guy "Chrislachris" is a complete Shoop Shoop.

You have to be on a new level of shoopidity to miss that question.
by ChrislaChris March 2, 2016
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