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A Mixture of a shirt and hoodie. It is one article of clothing.
shirt(hoodie)= shoodie
"Nice shoodie you got on Lou."
by Nick "Goose" A. January 07, 2008
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A hoodie that is for show rather than for function, meaning the actual hood doesn't quite cover your head. It should, but it doesn't.

Should + hoodie = "shoodie."
"You know, your shoodie would be a lot more practical in this rainstorm if you could pull the hood over your head."
by elvisthefish December 20, 2012
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A hoodie with a fashionable shirt worn over it, often worn by wannabe scene kids.
Bill: Yo Bob, check out that kids tight shirt and hoody
Bob: I think you mean his shoodie dawg
by lileashy November 09, 2009
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