She had hoped that her dinner date would be the man of her dreams, but when she saw him, she fled immediately; he was shockley.
by Reknown February 11, 2014
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the world's greatest thing to ever hit planet earth
descendent of God
Chuck Norris apprentice
That kid Michael reminds me just of Shockley.
by CN And1 December 16, 2009
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When a girl gives a guy, whom she is not dating, head in the woods.
Lexi:"Hey, I hung out with Brandon after school yesterday."
Breanna:"Cool. What'd you guys do?"
Lexi:"Well, I pulled a shockley, and after wiping the dirt off my knees with a napkin from my lunchbox, we went to Taco Bell."
Breanna:"That's sick, you're sick."
by Ridindirty1026 October 26, 2008
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n.refering to an inhabitant of virginia, extremly reclusive, he has an annoying sister, ussualy has somthing weird to say, no shame
did u see what shockley lad just did?

yes, but wat did u expect?
by dr jamison November 20, 2007
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The most extensive bloodline of strength,courage, and intelligence. Evolving from early white settlers, not taking shit from anybody, to white middleclass (sub)urban street thugs.
Person A: Did you see those Shockley boys at the club last night?
Person B: Yeah, they are a bunch of badass mother fuckers!
by shock G August 07, 2005
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That one guy who is a little into vegetables, a little too much and ends up smelling like broccoli the next day.
“Hey, didn’t ya hear? I heard our pal Nick became a Shockley Broccoli the other day.”

“Duuuuude, no way.”
by MonikaManXXX69XXX69 February 22, 2018
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