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created in 2009 at Savannah Country Day School; this word can be meant to describe anything. It is everything.
This summer I went to the beach and did random shnoot.
What the shnoot?!
You look very shnooty today
by nergs1 April 20, 2011
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A shnoot consists of an asshole who enters the right hand turn lane and acts like he/she is turning into a parking lot. Then he/she cuts everyone off to be first in line.
I was sitting at a red light and when it turned green I decided to move into the right turn lane and perform the shnoot.
by s0fly24 October 16, 2013
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A cluster of (usually three) sizable bumps on the nose, often occupied by the small 'shnoot spider'.
Lloyd spit out his drink upon seeing his first shnoot.
by Wags Sculpture October 05, 2007
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(verb) to snort or sniff substances
(noun) the substance snorted or sniffed
said jess to billy, "let's shnoot some k"
by kface March 23, 2005
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a white crystalline powder derived from the coca plant which is cultivated mainly in columbia and peru, abusers insuffulate the powder and it sends you to the clouds for about 40 minutes then sends you crashing to the mirrow and finding another mcdonalds straw for another rail of sweet cocaine.
ex. "i went to pick up some shnoots so i could shnoot it up all night long."

"eric clapton liked to rail shnoots before every show."
by Snooter Magavin August 18, 2006
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