thing when you eat something bad and all the dams break loose

and your butthole is in distress
I shot her with explosive poop
by minhye park December 25, 2019
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When ur poop explodes with such force that the toilet blows up.
Bob: I had a bad case of explosion poop yesterday.
Joe: Oh No! What happened?
Bob: Someone planted a TNT in my peanut sandwich.

Joe: Im telling, this is a nut-free world.
Bob: Peanuts are legumes idiot.
by someone else. April 27, 2018
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When you slam her poondonker soo hard that poop explodes out and covers your cum gutters.
Last night while I was using the poophole loophole on amy, she explosive poop caboose me soo hard!
by Explosive poop caboose February 12, 2017
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When a newborn needs his/her diaper changed and the diaper is overflowing.
"OMG I changed the baby's diaper and poop explosion is running down my arm. the wall, the couch...wake up dear, its on your face."
by Ziggy0751 May 13, 2015
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When shit hits the fan and all your tech breaks and keeps breaking
"The day in general has kinda been like a Technological poop explosion" - Projekt Melody
by Nekosuki72 April 7, 2021
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When a black person farts cum after an anal while also shitting. It is used in the sexual black community
"Wow was that a nigga fart cum poop explosion!?"
by Gustav Andersen October 21, 2020
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when a black person farts and has an orgasm at the same time while also having explosive diarrhea
Eww dude was that a nigga fart cum poop explosion? That was nasty as fuck!
by Gustav Andersen August 31, 2020
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