Some may call it "butch" or "captain" or even "chuck", but what today's world needs is a new synonym for every girl's current or eventual friend down south... unless of course, you don't roll that way. Well, even if you don't roll that way... you still need a name for it, right? the current trend of naming it in a 'manly' or socially acceptable (a.k.a. non-homosexual) way is completely overdone. What society needs now, is a cute, bubbly term for something that, if you're lucky, gets plenty of attention. 'Shmoogie' is the new 'butch' and will become the new lingo used for generations to come, until something cuter and fluffier replaces it. Inappropriate synonyms for shmoogie may be used to hurt someone's feelings, but imagine how much you would ease the tension if you used this new word instead of the other 4 and 5-letter equivalents.
"I can't believe that asshole did that!, Hasan is such a shmoogie!" "aww, does shmoogie want to come out and play?" "jump on my shmoogie!" (substituted from the fabulous song by Trick Daddy)
by con-crete May 27, 2008
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