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A rebellious activity, started in the Pacific NW, involving people, a car and several bags of marshmallows where the people (often teenagers) drive through densely populated areas in a city and peg the unsuspecting pedestrians with marshmallows. Shmallowing usually occurs at night, often scheduled to coincide with the letting out of bars or night clubs in order to make entertaining targets of the drunk people coming out.
1: "what did you do this weekend?"
2: "I had a sick shmallowing sesh with ky, em and laura downtown. pegged a fat drunkard in the face!"
1: "jealous!"
by jollyoly09 March 30, 2010
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It's just another word for the processed sugary food called a marshmallow. Also found in Lucky Charms cereal and around campfires.
Hey, we're going camping, remember to bring some shmallows for the smores.
by Deidara August 20, 2006
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