A coolio way of saying something/anything without actually saying it; as in:
1. (Whyo'nt ya) suck on MY dick?*
2. Serve me my dinner, (woman).
3. Shut my door, (bro).
4. (Please don't) shoot m'dog, (officer)!
5. smoke my dope
6. spill my drink
This tends toward ambiguity humorously and much depends on context.

*Def. (1) is oddly reminiscent of pirate-speak:
"Aarrh. Shiver me timber(s), matey."
Feel free to mix and match:
1. "Yo, shizzle on my dizzle, (bizzle)?"*
2. "Shizzle me my dizzle, wizzle."
3. "Shizzle my dizzle, brizzle."
4. "Please don't shizzle m' dizzle. officer!"
5. "Let's shizzle My dizzle -- it's the chronic."
6. "I need a towel. My menu's soaked from you shizzlin' my dizzle."
by BengoCholomongo August 30, 2006
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Celebrate our successes
Well, shizzle my dizzle, it the holiday!
by Cord Cutter November 21, 2003
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definition- for sure my dog. fo shizzle originated from the doggfather himself, s-n-double o-p d-o-double g. dizzle- originated from a chappelles show episode, where chappelle deemed himself as a game player named "dizzle".
you wanna go to the club tonite playa?
fo shizzle my dizzle!

you get your dick sucked?
fo shizzle my dizzle!!!!
by 2E-Z December 9, 2004
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SEE: shizzle my dizzle; izzle-speak.

Open interpretation is valid using -izzles as place holders for any word of a similar beginning. Use your imagination for alternative meanings.

"Whyo'nt ya suck on my-y-y dick, be-itch?!"
PIRATE OF THE SEA: "Aargh. Shiver me timber, matey!"
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