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This concept originated from the group "Clipse" feat Pharrell Williams. This concept is featured on the album "Lord Willin'", In 2002.
Specially when these rims are spinnin' like windmills, its Ice Thirty-Two Below, Minus The Wind-Chill."
by 2E-Z December 09, 2004
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definition- for sure my dog. fo shizzle originated from the doggfather himself, s-n-double o-p d-o-double g. dizzle- originated from a chappelles show episode, where chappelle deemed himself as a game player named "dizzle".
you wanna go to the club tonite playa?
fo shizzle my dizzle!

you get your dick sucked?
fo shizzle my dizzle!!!!
by 2E-Z December 08, 2004
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mean to eat a man or women's ass out with syrup or jelly
i got my salad tossed, it was nasty
by 2E-Z December 08, 2004
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