the coolest, awsomest thing you could ever think of. this thing is beyond the coolest thing you can think of.
Jimmy: I got this mountain bike it is so cool!
Humphrey: Well I got this BMX it is the shiznitz!
by little chica January 23, 2009
Used in place of words such as stuff, objects, belongings, etc. First used in Gloucester County, NJ........others are bullshibbin.
Get your shiznitz together.
by Phunky March 15, 2003
When you can't get something right the first time you do it you say this.
You just lost on a video game for the first time and you shout Shiznitz bitch.
by Ephezziebiatch July 14, 2010
it's a word that basically is a better way for saying "the shit" and people use it in front of their mom's after a brutal beating
he: damn nigga you beat the shiznitz out of me
he mom: sweetie your albino and I'm black so no
by Sylus g April 17, 2019