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A troubled and arrogant internet troll from Arizona who believes the internet is a source and forum for his repressed sexual frustration and rage over being born a hermaphrodite. He often takes out his frustrations on unsuspecting internet users by using google to track down their identities and harassing them by email, iprelay, telephone calls, or other available means.
Azbastid is really acting out on his/her ambiguous sexuality today.
Azbastid needs a hug from JU to show that him thay way he was born was really OK and we accept him/her for who it is.
Azbastid and Waz get it on when Amy isn't watching.
by Phunky January 21, 2005
Used in place of words such as stuff, objects, belongings, etc. First used in Gloucester County, NJ........others are bullshibbin.
Get your shiznitz together.
by Phunky March 15, 2003
Can be used in the place of shiznitz (see shiznitz) or just plain old shit. Can be modified to become a verb, or another noun, i.e. bodypart.
Get your shibbee together.
I was reading on the shibber.
He gave her a shot in the shibber.
Hebee, shebee, webee, Oh Shibbee!
by Phunky March 15, 2003