A person that shits (figuratively) on everything, including but not limited to the ideas, belongings, and self-esteem of others.
Max just spilled beer on my tie while telling me how ugly it was... He's such a shitter!
by The Dregs July 18, 2013
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a tortuous event or experience.
getting my balls caught in the door of my mitsubishi galant was a real shitter.
by jiggyklondike March 01, 2010
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Alternative name for a toilet, used predominantly in the UK alongside, "Loo" "Bog" "Bathroom" and "Shithouse".
Hmmmmm... nice shitter. Is that a bidet ?
by Pabski July 12, 2003
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A 4-person card game played by nearly everyone in Turlock, CA.
The goal of the game is to get rid of your hand before the other 3 players. the person with the 3 of clubs starts out the game by placing it in the center. ina clockwise fashion, each player puts down a similar (single, double, triple, 4-of-a-kind, striaght, etc) that is greater than the card before it. After the first round of playing, the player who got rid of their hand the quickest becomes "King"; the next player is the "Queen"; the next is "Jack"; the the player last becomes the "Shitter". After the titles are given, the King takes 2 cards of his choice from the Shitter and gives back 2 of his own. The same goes for the Queen and the Jack, except only one card is exchanged.
I have a deck of cards in my backpack--does anyone want to play shitter?
by John H Pitman April 29, 2007
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Someone who is trash at a video game and feeds in your matches
Why is this shitter on my team.

shitters are always feeding in my casuals.
by SmiteFeeder March 08, 2018
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