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A farming community full of mostly narrow-minded individuals who like to lump certain races of people into simple and dismissive racial definitions in order to feel superior since they are no better and a product of their own environment. Also it is home to Medic Alert an international non-profit organization that has saved the life of thousands.
Turlock is smack in the middle of the San Juaqin valley. Nothing for miles in all directions.
by FormallyKnownAsFormally June 17, 2010
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located right under modesto and surrounded by endless fields. There is nothingtodo and it sucks ass.
Turlock is so boring. Lets go to Modesto
by john h. pitman June 09, 2005
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A Village that is full of Mexicans and Assyrians there is nothing to do its the most boringest place in the world.The only thing to do is go to Starbucks on a Friday night and hangout with The Assyrians where they fight each other and have fake drama. if u wanna die from boredness come move to Turlock. When people move here they think they are lost
Lets go to Turlock! WHERE?
by Patrick SHAHBIZZLE August 07, 2007
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A shithole in the 209 where the only thing there is to do is weed, oxy, coke... we got da best of errthing. With wanna be hard ass, Famous wearing brappers and slutty butterface bitches.
"Turlock is a great place to leave."
by Turlock Resident November 29, 2008
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