Making fun of something in a comical manner about something in pop culture.
All I do is make shit posts on reddit cause Iā€™m a loser.
by BiggiePearl July 23, 2020
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Posts on the internet that are very useless. They are not relatable nor are they necessary.

EXAMPLE: Gene Simmons posting a tweet of ice cubes in cereal.
My friend just made a shitpost.
by Mysterz January 02, 2020
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incel 1 : hey man did you see what hones posted on shitpost? That was seriously fucked up.

Tronkvis : ?mute @aimee 7days
by Tronkvis January 06, 2020
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Constantly uploading the same fucking shit.
I honestly dont think STiP0 is a shitposter, because he uploads interesting Dead Rising videos. Underlab just milks the fuck out of Undertale.
by JAKEROX3 December 25, 2016
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