Something extremely shitty. So shitty that its almost great.
Q: So how are you today Alex?
A: Shitastic.

Wow, that hangover was shitastic
by Anonymous January 23, 2003
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An adjective used to describe something that was initially pleasant or fantastic, but ended up really shitty.
Shittyness usually progresses.
Guy: Today was so shitastic.

Guy 2: What happened?

Guy: Well everything was going good until my girlfriend

dumped me for her stepsister.

Guy 2: Man that sucks!

Guy: Yea and that's not even the worse part, turns out she

gave me herpes too. Oh and someone stole my iPhone

outta of my car.

Guy 2: That's so shitastic man!


Girl: Man, Kelly is such a shitastic bitch.

Girl 2: Why, what'd she do?

Girl: Well she seemed totally cool at first, but the I found out

she's been sleeping with my father!
by TheWordCreatorOriginator December 15, 2011
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somthing that is shity or really sucks. Like saying someone or something is shity in a better way.
That shirt is fuckin' shitastic.
by jheremy December 12, 2008
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Something allegedly fantastic or good that you know to actually be unbelievably shitty.
Person A: Everyone likes dogs because they're so great. You like dogs, right?
Person B: Yeah, dogs are shitastic.
by John_the_WOTist March 13, 2003
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i had the most shitastic day when everything was going wrong AND THEN it rained
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
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something so fantastic that you want to add profanity to get your point across
We just won the game, that's shitastic!
by Peter Rugh September 3, 2003
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