An interjection denoting disbelief or dismay
Shit too jigga, she didn't give you any play
by aiken October 22, 2002
No matter how many times a guy gets shot down by a pretty girl with or without an attitude, buddy, She Shits Too.
Barry came back dejected after asking Hot Kate out. Don't worry guy "She Shits Too."
by will bitten February 10, 2017
means don't do things in your neighborhood or where you live.
Don't shit too close to home by, for example, bringing strangers into your house and then fighting with them inside your house (since they know where you live).
by Timmy MMA October 29, 2007
It is in insult, if his/her mom did in fact, say that sit too last night. Pretend your friend says something sexual (See example below). You have an instant comeback!
Created by the al-mighty Squirrel, this insult has spread to a whole 2 people! Amazing!

Person 1: Hey man its cold out here
Squirrel: Your mama said that shit too last night, but you didn't see either of us compaining!
Person 1: I'm worthless!!!

(In fact, the lights were off and he wasnt home... so he couldnt see us if he wanted to!)
by Squirrelish87 December 11, 2005