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It is in insult, if his/her mom did in fact, say that sit too last night. Pretend your friend says something sexual (See example below). You have an instant comeback!
Created by the al-mighty Squirrel, this insult has spread to a whole 2 people! Amazing!

Person 1: Hey man its cold out here
Squirrel: Your mama said that shit too last night, but you didn't see either of us compaining!
Person 1: I'm worthless!!!

(In fact, the lights were off and he wasnt home... so he couldnt see us if he wanted to!)
by Squirrelish87 December 11, 2005
What this girl I used to date in High-school thought South America was called. (True Story)

Its so hard not to use her real name....
Girl: "Hey Squirrel! Did you know about South America?"
Me: "What about South America?"
Girl: "That that's what its called! South America!"
Me: "... WTF?"
Girl: "Yeah, I always thought it was Brazil Land or something!"
Me: "..."
by Squirrelish87 December 14, 2005
Invented by the almighty Squirrel, a Six Finger Discount is one in which someone, while in the act of a Five Finger Discount, either flips the middle finger at a store emploree while leaving. A less offensive Six Finger Discount would be giving them a Thumbs Up instead!

I six finger discounted some gum at the 7-11 last night, man the owner looked pissed when he saw my sixth finger make a guest appearence!


I six finger discounted some gum at the 7-11 last night, the owner told me to come back again soon when i showed him the thumbz up!
by Squirrelish87 December 12, 2005