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To have an urban legend (or myth) being busted by the Discovery Channel show, Mythbusters.
You can't shoot off a lock with a hand gun, like on Big Trouble In Little China, that had been Mythbustered.
by ihatecejay September 01, 2008
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A person who is the defined one that deals with fecal matter that comes out of a person or an animal.
The girl holding the cup in 2 Girls 1 Cup would be the Shit Bitch

Or, "Bob, go pick up your dog's crap, it's in my lawn...Shit Bitch"
by ihatecejay August 21, 2008
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To make a stabbing motion towards your chest, directly over your heart. Named so, because it looks as though you are jerking off your heart's imaginary penis.
"I just finished watching Norbit and the Adventure of Pluto Nash, I want to kill myself." (Then proceeds with cardiomasterbation)
by ihatecejay August 23, 2008
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