(shin-fo) noun.
Information that just isn't needed.
ie. shitty information.

Coined by band members of Every Time I Die.
Mike is talking about 18 visions.
Keith: Hey I'm going to smoke a Camel Light.
Andy: Shinfo.
Random girl: I think I'll do that too.
Andy: Double shinfo
by blaineyson October 27, 2006
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1. shitty information
2. irrelevant facts, circumstances, news, idea, story or sentence
by misspiggy90 June 29, 2010
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Info that does not relate to the subject matter at hand.
Dudeski - "Dude that chicks hot, I'm gonna go take advantage of her."

Duderino - "But she's face down in the dirt, and doesn't even have a pulse."

Dudeski - "Shinfo."
by nah_son September 13, 2008
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shitty information, something that isnt needed and doesnt relate to the topic at hand
"do you like metallica?"

"no i don't, but i might go buy iron maidens new cd"

"what shinfo"
by Lee Beaumont March 16, 2007
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You know they actually measured the length of this hallway in the hotel, it's precisely the length of a football field.

well that's some shinfo I won't ever use again.
by thefoldrock January 9, 2011
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Useless information that an individual tells to another individual. This information is usually not necessary and will never apply to the individual's daily life or tasks. (Shitty Information.)
"Bryan gives out alot of shinfo, when you ask him a basic question."
by keefus July 1, 2015
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A word to describe useless or shitty information.
"American idol has a new judge this season"
"that would be shinfo"
by kiameco February 17, 2010
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