Those shines are crazy, stabbing that cop in the middle of the precinct
by jasjas May 15, 2007
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to do big things. To get one's shine on, means they are hustlin or somethin. If i know how to shine, i will definitely get mine. :)
Homie, u got what it takes. You can rhyme, u can perform. you can do everythang homie. You just gotta keep on pushing, and then you will really shine.
by Wail June 27, 2006
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is to intentionaly ignore a person that you know
Paul shined me on yesterday while walking past him and he clearly saw me
by Famefresno January 05, 2010
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a black person: used when black people would shine shoes
"Look at all these shines in the city!" "Help, a shine is trying to steal my car!"
by ljhghe January 19, 2009
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You're looking shine today babe!

This chicken is absolutely shine!

Omg my maths results were shine!
by greasyshine December 04, 2014
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