A shimp is used to describe anything that really doesn't have a name but should, or you just can't think of the right word..
your in an operating room, and the surgeon asks you to give him a small piece of cloth, and he says "hey, pass me that shimp"
by The Captain Matty June 17, 2009
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A she-pimp. A woman who sells out other women (or men) for sexual acts.
Stacey: "Where did Autumn disappear to?"
Aaron: "She's a shimp, she's probably checking up on her bitches."
by AMmayhem October 16, 2005
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Shimp is an alternative of the word shit. It can be used to save a situation when you are about to swear but then realise, mid-word, that it is not the time or place so you change the word to shimp.

It is not used as an alternative word for poo.

It originates in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.
"Oh shimp, I cut my finger!"
by chocolateANDvanilla May 28, 2009
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A person that sells Sheep for sex. Usually to persons that get arousal from intercourse with sheep in the Scottish highlands.
Hey, do you know if there is a SHIMP up in Donside? im looking to hire a sheep for the night.
by Jonny Walker - Westhill Mafia September 29, 2018
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