-a simplified version of the phrase "shits and giggles"
-a synonym for the phrase "for the hell of it"
by Chris Arsena September 4, 2003
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Verb: when one shits because they have giggled.
She was trying to hold it and began to wiggle. When her boyfriend farted it gave her the shiggles.
by karate kids October 14, 2015
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When getting out of the bath tub and the cold air hits you, you shake from head to toe, that's the shiggles. Shivers and jiggles mixed, compliments of my 3 year old!
I got out of the tub and I have the shiggles.
by tandy94 February 4, 2010
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noun. When one laughs so hard, one shits his/her pants.
That Stephen Colbert gives me the shiggles, I tells ya.
by Denise & Daniel Holzmeier October 14, 2006
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1.) A move somewhere between a shimmy and a wiggle
2.) shortening of "shits and giggles"
1.) Woah man that movie totally gave me the shiggles!
2.) We'll do it just for the shiggles.
by DanixLove March 24, 2009
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Shorter form of replying, for "Shits and Giggles", when asked a question.
Question - Why did he just do that for?
Answer - "For Shiggles"
by F. Abdool September 18, 2007
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