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a lovley but deadly mix of indian and somewhere in africa. she (if a he be worried) loves to be a flirt, she'll wrap you around her finger like a somthing that does that. yeh shes taken but her essence will make you coming back for more. shes like posionous ivy; looks good but slowly drains you. however give her some time and your realise thatt youve got one special friend potential fuck buddy but again your just being fooled there shes taken. but your gona learn to get over that and love her for her better side as a friend. shes wonderful

person 1:
oh man that shiana girl got me running around like a fool

Person 2:
hey at least your gona bang that sexy asian tease

Person 1:
....... shes taken.

Person 2:


ah just saw that shiana... was a great build up but just a



your typical girl next door
by indian baby names August 11, 2010
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A shiana beautiful girl who will suck your dick for a pound, and if your lucky she might let you beat
Make sure you set me up with a shiana mans horny
by killa grilla September 13, 2017
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Someone who is materialistic, but real. Can be a bitch, but only if you fuck with her. She is into long term relationships, and likes toying with other guy's mind. So if she's is taken, don't talk to her, she will cheat, not good. A blonde cheerleader, who wins pageants and occasionally looks and acts fake. But likes to throw parties and has limited friends, only one best friend.
Boy: I like Shiana!
Dude: No Man, She is taken, you can't talk to her.
Boy: Why Not?
Dude: She Has a Boe!
by PedroCassonam July 20, 2009
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