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Bawty (adjective)- ( aka: being Bawty) Interjecting ones opinion without knowing or caring about the facts.. due to impatience and poor listening skills.

Interfering in a loud and interuptive manner, whining and complaining about things that dont even apply to the situation followed by critcism that makes the victim feel inferior.

interuptive, ,opinionated, haughty, bossy.
Yesterday we were talking about how my wallets gone and she comes in and starts going on and on about how irresponsible i am and how she would never lose her wallet. I couldnt get a word in, i was trying to tell you about how i was carjacked and ended up in the hospital... but she kept interupting. You cant have a conversation around her, shes too BAWTY to keep her mouth shut and listen, she always has something negative to say
by chasingholograms July 01, 2012
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