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(n) a variation of shitbag used by kelly in the shoes video.

(n) someone who should be betch slapped.

(n) people who work in a store that sells shoes that suck.

(n) someone who says your feet are too big and you have too many shoes.
"i'm going to betch slap you shetbag."
by Nataliiee December 24, 2006
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another word for 'shit'. used primarily when insulting someone who is a deck.
"I'm going to betch slap you shet bag."
by Mandii March 06, 2007
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A Valley-girl expression; a form of Dumb-Shit.

Someone who is completely and utterly oblivious to their stupidity and have to be called a Dumbshet in order to realize the fact.
"Let's go to CHANNEL to see if the new silver beaded clutches are in stock!"
"It's pronounced SHA-NELL, you shet-bag.. Duh?"
by Jakeypook June 08, 2009
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a bag either composed of or containing shet

similar and/or related to douchebag
im gonna hit you in the face with a shetbag if you don't do what i say, bitch.

by NinoskaLaMoska;] November 23, 2007
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1. a bag full of shit
2. a person who is a piece of shit and deserves to be stuffed in a shetbag.
3. a person/thing who shits in a bag.
4. a hobo ..or homeless person
1. jesus! i just stepped on a shetbag
2. amanda is such a fucking shetbag!!11
3. i can't afford a toilet so i use a shetbag
4. i just paid that shetbag some change and now it's asking for more.
by diana diana diana diana March 16, 2008
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