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A play written by playwrites from Brisbane, Australia, a modern twist on Robin Hood, with hippies and rock and roll. Robin Hood returns from the Crusades to find that his beloved rainforest and his dreams of a peaceful life are threatened by the avarice of the rich. Made an outlaw by Prince John, he is hounded into the forest by the nasty Sir Guy of Brisbourne.
Along with the Hippies who commune in the forest, Robin gathers around him a merry band; Much, his trusty sidekick; his militant mother, Ms Hood; Friar Tuck and Little John. Prince John is staging a three-day Rock Festival to save the environment is it a trap Robin?
Some person: "Hey, did you go see Sherwoodstock?"
Other person: "Yeah, it was totally awesome!"
Citizen: "Who was your favourite character in Sherwoodstock?"
Other person: "Friar Tuck, but everyone was great!"
by Lost in the Cinema May 26, 2006
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