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Sherpa originally meant the tribe in Nepal whose social custom was to provide humane and courageous mountain guides to outsiders. This tribe didn't use last names, so they were all referred to as Sherpas. To the Sherpa, all Himalayan peaks are sacred, so every tour holds ethical and religious meaning. Westerners picked up on this and use Sherpa to mean an assistant who knows more than the boss.
The G8 Sherpas meet several times before the annual meeting. Each Sherpa has the authority to set policy for the Head of State.
by The urban coyote April 24, 2016
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An experienced guide helping others on a mountain climbing expadition.
Edmund Hillary - first person to climb Mt. Everest.
Tenzing Norgay - Sherpa that helped him
by Cate Kidman September 02, 2008
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A sober guide/leader who escorts the stoners into public situations
After we hit the bong, out ROTC roomate would be our sherpa on our adventures to get food/drink at the local eatery/watering hole.
by CP A620 April 03, 2005
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one (usually of higher skill) who helps noobs beat a game or specifically a hard part of a certain level in exchange for an achievement or kills in which to level
noob: help me i need a sherpa!

me: fine but only if you help me level.

noob: ...i only need to beat a mission...

me: i dont care you need my help and i expect something in return.

noob: fine...
by pro sherpa March 02, 2008
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a non-white essential employee who faces an increased risk of mortality when serving their white, privileged customers
When affluent, unqualified climbers attempt to summit Mount Everest, sherpas are the ones who pay the price, with their lives.
by that_awkward_wordsmith May 06, 2020
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To fail a test so badly that if the test were re-curved using only the scores of the people who failed, you still would have failed.
Oh, man. I totally sherpa'd the Math midterm.
by HouseOfCaptains February 01, 2011
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