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First used in the radio-freedom.com chatroom, "jigglenutting" describes the process of nutters jiggling around to happy & upfront hardcore.

There are rumours of a close relationship between this, and the words "bushpig" and "chubbamunk".
* Asphyxia builds a podium in the middle of #freedom
* NTR|Cleaning|Tuneeed leaves quietly
* Asphyxia stands on the podium
<+Asphyxia> ..... and JIGGLENUTS!!!!
<+Asphyxia> WOOT!
<+Mix> lol
<+NTR|Cleaning|Tuneeed> rofl
by Asphyxia March 23, 2005
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A mildly insulting term used in a similar fashion to "silly bint"

Plural: Sherberts

see also monk and jew
You smegging sherbert

I don't have time for sherberts like you.

Look at that guy wearing a lampshade! What a sherbert.
by Asphyxia February 18, 2004
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