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A butt so fat that it seems like a drink could rest on top of it while the person is standing. Can be a compliment or used derogatorily. Not a term that is thrown around for just anyone, only a select few actually have shelf booties. Can also be used as a proper name when referring to a specific person with a shelf booty.
1) "Mmm that girl got a shelf booty, doe, and I'm tryna holler."

2) "Damn now THAT'S a shelf booty. That ass is tooo fat!"

3) "I'm not doing anything tonight, I might just see what shelf booty is up to."
by bstouttt April 19, 2009
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Usually a black woman’s ass that sticks straight out you could use it to put drinks on it.
β€œThat girl’s shelf booty so big you could put a six pack on it.
by Big Ass Boy August 22, 2018
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