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A butt so fat that it seems like a drink could rest on top of it while the person is standing. Can be a compliment or used derogatorily. Not a term that is thrown around for just anyone, only a select few actually have shelf booties. Can also be used as a proper name when referring to a specific person with a shelf booty.
1) "Mmm that girl got a shelf booty, doe, and I'm tryna holler."

2) "Damn now THAT'S a shelf booty. That ass is tooo fat!"

3) "I'm not doing anything tonight, I might just see what shelf booty is up to."
by bstouttt April 19, 2009
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a girl you keep on the side
you might have a girlfriend and then will refer to your side jont

"I'm going out tonight with my side jont so keep it dl and don't let my girlfriend find out."
by bstouttt March 22, 2009
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A wack athlete. One who sucks and does not belong on the field with the rest of his team.
That dude is such a wathlete how is he playing D-1 football?!
by bstouttt October 07, 2009
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