(n) An ass so large as to simulate a shelf, table, nightstand, or other flat tabular object that one might set a drink, ash tray, plates, a TV, or what not on.
"Bitch got a shelf butt that you could stack an encyclopedia on!"
by Bystrick March 22, 2003
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A large butt on an otherwise not large woman. So oddly large that it protrudes like a shelf.
If you just saw Jane from the waist up, you'd never guess how big her ass is ... what a shelf butt!
by BWS June 6, 2005
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a bum that sticks out i.e like a shelf.
"you could set your glass on that shelf butt"
by Scottski.M April 2, 2009
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The top part of a nice round booty where the full butt cheeks meet the small of the back. It must jut out and fill a booty-loving man's heart with passionate desire.
Damn, look at that cute little thing with the nice curves. I just want to rest my face on that sweet butt shelf.
by 02050 loves 02333 November 17, 2011
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The bottom part of a nice ass where the butt meets the leg. There is definetly a crease. People with elongated asses that blend into their thighs don't have one.
Guys checking out a girl with a nice tight ass: Dude check out the that girl's ass. Do you see the butt shelf?
by Karen/Owen May 13, 2006
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butt shelf: an implant into a girl's ass that is so high and large you can place a drink on it.
"The bar was crowded but I found a place on Acea's butt shelf to store my stella."
by David A. Porter January 14, 2010
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