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n. Name of Portugal's, Europe's and the World's biggest club. According to the Guiness Book of World Records:

"The most widely supported football club is Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Portugal, which has 160,398 paid-up members. The record was acknowledged on 9 November 2006 during the celebrations for Guinness World Records Day.

The team, better known as just Benfica or, by fans, SLB, has supporters in most municipalities of Portugal ­ and in cities throughout the world, namely Andorra, Angola, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde, England, France, Germany, Guinea-Bissau, Luxembourg, Macao, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States."

Benfica is one of the most prominent clubs in Europe having reached the final of the UEFA Champions Cup for 7 times (2W/5L).

It it often said that Benfica is bigger than the country in which it was born - and not without cause.

Because of its size, illustrious history and enduring popularity at home and abroad, Benfica is also the most hated, vilified and secretly envied institution in Portugal.
"I've never seen anything like it." - Giovanni Trappatoni

"Haters, don't hate, appreciate." - A Benfica fan
by New Marquis de Carabas March 03, 2007
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A big European club situated in Lisbon, Portugal. It has over 15 million fans world wide. And it't the club on the Guiness Book of Records of being the club with the most members in the world. (165,000) Benfica hs been very successful over the years winning; 31 Portuguese league titles, 24 Portuguese Cup titles. Internationally they've won 2 Uefa Champions League titles (61 & 62), and they made it to the final another 6 times. Benfica has also made it to the Uefa Cup final once.

Benfica plays in the Estadio da Luz (Stadium of Light) which was recently renovated (Euro 2004), and given a new nickname "A Catedral" (The Cathedral)...In important matches it usually fills up and fans like to turn it to "O inferno." (The stadium of Hell -towards the visiting team).
Benfica's symbol is the Eagle. The club has an actual Eagle (named Victoria) that flies over the stadium before important matches- where the fans go wild!!!
Some important stadium songs are "SLB Glorioso & "Ninguem para o Benfica."
Benfica is the greatest club of Europe!!!
by Rutgers69 June 29, 2007
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A portuguese God, similar to an eagle, that wears a scarf, which all portuguese people must obey. His arch enemy is Sporting, the portugese devil, a green falcon that can control the wind.
Ajude-me deus do Benfica, mim necessitam o dinheiro para meus miúdos!!Sustento Sporting longe de meu repouso!
by BVal June 18, 2005
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The portuguese word for scum, sick, puke, shit etc
Im to clean to come up with any examples of what ways it the word benfica (pains me to say it) can be used
by OCQAOC October 30, 2006
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