A guy who convinces a woman to put on wool skirt and sweater and take a drive out to the country with him until they come to a nice pasture with a split-rail fence. He convinces her to put her head through the fence where he bends a board down to trap her head so she’s stuck in the fence in a bent over position. He then pulls up her skirt and fucks her from behind. After he finishes, he strips her naked and pulls out some sheers and shaves her head completely. He then tells the crying woman if she says, “baa” six times he will release her. But when she does, it turns the suck bastard on and he humps her again.
Betty: Why are you wearing a wig?
Veronica: I went out with a sheep farmer last night.
Betty: What's his name?
Veronica: Baaaa-b
by theinstigator June 03, 2016
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