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Illicit or embarrassing activities such as urinating, smoking marijuana, or giving (not receiving) oral sex. Named after the idea that one might prefer to do these activities behind a shed.

This is a common colloquialism in south-eastern Wisconsin.
Man that party was fun, but it got hilarious when we caught him doing that shed-shit.
by The Real Nuge November 07, 2007
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Stuff you do behind a shed; esp. eating a girl out, pissing, and laughing at people eating a girl out.
Man, that one kid tries to say he doesn't like blow jobs cuz they are nasty, but he shouldn't be judging after that shed shit.
by Abe Nugent October 22, 2007
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The type of thing someone would do behind a shed, usually illicit, nasty, or embarrassing things.

eg. smoking pot, giving oral sex, urinating
We made fun of him for weeks after we caught him doing that shed shit.
by A. Nuggs November 02, 2007
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