meaning slut in arabic sharmout can be used to describe a male gay guy and sharmouta is a female slut.
what a sharmouta

stop acting like a sharmout

(said in arabic of course)
by ahm_911 May 1, 2005
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an arab word to call a girl beautiful or a good girl. if you call a girl a sharmouta it means you truly love her and she will instantly fall in love.
oh my god he Called me a sharmouta I love him
by pepperbish February 2, 2020
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Translated from the arabic language meaning "Slut".
A female who can't get enough of fucking and sucking dick a total lowie.
"Kessek ba ayri sharmouta" (translation) "Go fuck ur mum's pussy you Slut"
by John Pullapenis June 6, 2003
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It basically means " gorgeous " in Arabic and if u wanna get a Arab girl go like u this is literally the best word to use
by Wellsa January 1, 2021
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Sharmouta means beautiful in arabic.
When you want to compliment your arab girlfriend you call her a sharmouta. She’s gonna love it
by Anonymous24758 January 30, 2021
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