*Sharmouta* is an Arabic Word ! Most used in Lebanon and its Mean "Beautiful" .. If You Need Your Arabic Girl Friend love You More Just Say To Her "I Love You Ya Sharmouta" or "Yo2borne Kessik Ya Sharmouta"
Mia Kahlifa: Kesse 3am Youja3ne!!!!
Eddy Hoayeck: Ta3e la Neklik Ye Ya "Sharmouta"
by 3arsa Ha January 5, 2022
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This means "I love you" in Arabic

It is most commonly used in Lebanon

You can say it to someone you want to make his day
by OmmakSexy April 30, 2022
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Word that previously meant slut but has changed over time as a term of endearment that is usually used towards your wife/soulmate.
Wife: Can you buy some eggs from the store
Husband: of course, Sharmouta
by safebro October 29, 2022
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