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An amalgamation of shark and octopus. Any creature that seems to be comprised solely of teeth and flailing limbs.
My puppy seems to spend half her time on her back with her mouth open and legs kicking at the air. She's such a little sharktopus!
by punkriffic April 28, 2008
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A sexual position so convoluted that the couple's extremities are in such dis-aray that nothing comprehensible can be made of the mass of writhing flesh and limbs. But the result viewed by an outsider would cause both shock and pure, awestruck hilarity to any observer. Such as the freak Sharktopus in the sci-fi movie of that name.
Shit bro- your mom threw such a sharktopus fuck session on me last night, I'll be over for tuna casserole tuesday EVERY week!
by Pacidermiz Rex December 29, 2012
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1: Extreme constipation, as might be experienced by something with two mouths and no anus, like the creature in the movie "sharktopus".

Being in a sharktopus state is characterized by the feeling that one has eaten a vast amount of food (like the beach population of Mexico) and is unable to pass it.
"Man, I ate two pizzas the other night, and I got a major state of sharktopus here - it feels like I'm going to explode!"
by Gwiawn October 25, 2011
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