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A person who has completed and passed the physical, moral and mental exam for the military and is in the delayed entry program (D.E.P.) for any branch of the Armed Forces. Poolees have already signed their military contract, have took the oath of enlistment and have sworn into their respective branch. Generally a poolee may stay in the D.E.P. for up to one year and must stay qualified and contact their recruiters weekly. Most Poolees are required by their recruiters to attend classes and physical training once every other week.
After my 16 days as a poolee, I will ship out for MCRD Parris Island!
by av8er71408 June 22, 2007
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For Marines, at this phase of their lives this is the point where they have a chance to turn back before stepping on those yellow footprints and realizing they made a huge mistake. It's the point where you've signed the dotted line but haven't yet been to boot camp. Despite having never been to boot camp, poolees will never shut up about the Marine Corps and have an annoyingly high level of motivation only recruiters/RA Marines can tolerate. The only people on Earth, besides recruits, who give a fuck about general USMC knowledge, like the General Orders or Leadership Traits. As much as it's fun talking shit about poolees, one should nonetheless appreciate the fact that at least some millennials aren't total fucking hippies/communists/ISIS fags.
Being the dumbass poolee that he was, Johnny wore a USMC shirt everywhere in hopes that he can get some pussy.
by dangitBobby December 21, 2016
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No one knows what we are. We are just called poolee because were cool and signed up for the U.S. Marines.
We are the Corps most secret Marines *Not yet Marines*
Poolee what are your twelve general orders?
by jmasterjermzx October 30, 2007
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