noun. Similar to a cankle, a horrible disfiguration of unfortunate chunky/fat people whose arms are thick extensions of their shoulders with no thinning of the arm to define the elbow or wrist. This condition is normally accompanied by equally as disturbing cankles or thankles.
damn, that shamoo girl's got cankles, thankles AND shankles!
by slinke v roach December 10, 2004
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When a group of guys get together and say dumb shit
There about to shankle them two over yander.simmer down no yall!!!
by Pallover July 12, 2017
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a shankle is a dear friend loved by many and can be kept close to the heart.

Also responds to shan, shank,and occasionally shanky-panky.
Shankle likes to have a good time, and usually succeeds.
by katage August 30, 2006
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(verb) To shackle a person and then shank them.
I want to shankle Paris Hilton whenever I see her face.
by SHANKLAA January 10, 2010
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1.When the semblance of a kneecap is lost do to fatness in the area.
2. A fat leg with no definition in which there is a continuous width from top to bottom.
Damn Dude, that bitch has shankles and a fat Ass. Call Jesse Cole, he's all over that.
by C Dog May 15, 2003
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Drunk enough to enjoy a night at a really shitty club or party.
Olly: Where did u go on Friday?
Ali: Embrace; It was chavvy, but I was drunk enough to enjoy it,
Olly: wow, you must have been fookin' shankled.
by 123skiddy321 June 7, 2009
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Fo Shankles is used when going on a irate ramble ... you add this word to liven up the situation with some flava.
by Vanessa & Olivia September 2, 2005
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