Sham is generally used in Ireland, it is almost the Irish equivalent of the British Chav.

Sham's are rare bucks hey. Generally seen out at the disco steaming. They can be seen during the week diffing on the roads like the mad header shams that them thar bucks are.

The mating call of a sham is a sham-flick. A sham-flick is when you wave your hand around like a mad cunt while clicking your fingers. This is deemed to be more skillful to shams than any other art form.
Normal Person 1: Hey! Who's that person over there, diffing in a twin-cam, clicking his fingers in an absurd way, listening to Lil' Wayne, wearing a bright Nike shirt whilst looking like a complete knob.

Normal Person 2: Oh, that's a sham
by Concerned Local November 30, 2010
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A good person that you've ever wanted. Sham is a person that always be there whenever you need someone to talk to. He is sweet and romantic but not boring. He is not handsome but pleasurable. He likes to joke but he knows when to be serious. He knows well how to treat a woman. However, He never gives up getting girl’s heart he is on. But be careful, he is full of secrets. He is intelligent enough to take you as a donkey. He is kind but don’t dare to hope that he will be honest to you. Sham is a reliable person but not trustable.
x: Can you trust him?
y: No, I cant
x: Why?
y: Because He is a Sham
by wishuwerenotanactor November 11, 2013
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the inverted penis which results to look like a vagina after a sex change from male to female.
Gross! That "chick" has a shams!! Better be careful around "her"!
by Derka Dirk October 03, 2006
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a douchebag who treats girls like they're toys, and has no respect for them. he traps you in his heart and frees you at his will! all he wants is sex sex sex and more sex. he is a very big pot head and likes to play with girls feelings and hearts. he loves making girls cry and making them fall for him. he is a very conceited two faced fake overly confident cunning guy who EVERY girl should be careful of! he is not the right guy and is a big asshole full of FAKE pride, and dignity. he throws people out of his life like they meant nothing to him and worst of all he is a LIAR. he blackmails people and blames his shit on other people and tries to make himself look good. he is a HYPOCRIT and goes out of his way to make whatever he wants happen. when you meet him watch out. he could turn your life into a disaster!
watch out girl he will SHAMS you!

don't fall for him he's just like a SHAMS!

never go for a guy like a SHAMS!
by drizzyboo. <3 December 26, 2011
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Shams is sun in Arabic, they have the brightest personality and they are very smart. They are very gorgeous and usually have brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. They are very athletic. They are very generous and kind so you can always rely on them when needed. Shams’s are loved by many people and can brighten your day with the simplest hug. If you don’t have a friend named Shams you should go find one because they always help you through the hardest times and are very popular girls.
You can always get a friend called Shams to rely on.
by Shams7sami January 10, 2018
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