Also a term used to refer to straggling girls walking out of a bar at closing time.
Well, we didn't find any trim tonight so we had to go trolling for shake out side the college bar at 3 a.m.
by Doombot October 20, 2003
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A combination of the words "fake" and "shit". Someone who is shake is "fake as shit".
"Lauren is so shake. She didn't even invite us to Moe's.
by JRMac October 03, 2013
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alternately, in the 70s and 80s California Bay Area, dried marijuana leaves were known as shake.
Jimmy:"hey man, I got a bag of weed"
Joran: "groovy man, is it bud or SHAKE?"
by shiatbiatch September 10, 2010
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To throw up in a sink.
Man, after shotgunning that last beer I shaked in John's sink.
by Anclark September 21, 2008
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the coolest guy i know in the whole world
he likes old style, only when its warm
by Petey Pablo September 08, 2004
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"Shake" is a word that combines the words "Bake" and "Shower" referring to smoking cannabis in the shower, usually in the morning.
"Yoo so I got up and shaked, then Uniqua called."
by Sturbz August 06, 2012
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A true asshole. When you react with retaliation ten times worse than the action inflicted upon you, you have successfully pulled off a Shake.
Guy #1- Yo dude, what happened with you two?
Guy #2- He called me an asshole so I grabbed a hammer and fucked his nuts up with it.

Guy #1- Dude you just pulled off a Shake bro.

Guy #2- Don't compare me to that ass hat
by Mr. Highway September 16, 2013
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