Shake v.- What people say when they are telling someone to leave the currently occupied area. This is usually said with extreme animosity and/or prejudice. Reference to this word is most prevalent in the "St.Louis rapper gets slapped" video on Youtube.
Daron: Man, this party is dead, I'm finna shake bruh.

*Man walks in on his daughter having sex*
Boyfriend: Oh, shit.
Dad: What the fuck!?!
Boyfriend: I'm so sorry sir.
Dad: Go on ahead and shake bruh.
*Boyfriends Hesitates*
Dad: I swear to god if you don't shake out my crib in the next 5 seconds......
by reallyslowcomp October 05, 2011
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a. referring to William Shakespeare

b. complicated (adj.)

c. smart; sophisticated (adj.)
A: What is that, Shakes'?

B: This is so shakes...

C: Jamie is shakes!
by Will Shakes March 22, 2009
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The shitty part of weed.
"If you would have told me it was shake i would have never smoked it."
by wes January 24, 2005
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A douche bag, particularly one who causes major disruption and lots of money worth of damages
Dude, don't be shakes
by bigpump May 28, 2018
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To "shake" is when a community owner abandons his community randomly and informally.
Person I: "Hey dude, did you hear about *insert community here*'s owner?
Person II: "Yeah, he did a shake with his community."
Person I: "Dude, what an asshole.."
Person II: "Agreed.."
by Watermelon (Vend) December 05, 2018
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A lit party that involves drinking and/or drugs
Hey bro do you know of any shakes going on tonight
by Littygc March 03, 2017
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