Awesome band, made some great albums.
I like the song "Mystery of the spirit" by shadows fall.
by zao is alive July 21, 2004
Excellent thrash metal band out of Massachusetts who did nothing but TOUR, TOUR, TOUR to get their name out there. A Shadows Fall show is never boring; frontman Brian Fair can never seem to stay in one place on stage. Just watch out for the massive dreadlocks.

JASON BITTNER (drummer) is a GOD...does double bass faster than most people could ever dream of.
The new album, The War Within, is are the other ones.
by triplecorpsehammerblow December 2, 2004
A very in your face metal band from Massachussetts. I have seen them live many times and they are just amazing. They have some of the greatest solos and instrumentals I've heard in a long time. They have one flaw though. The vocalist(Brian Fair) sounds like he is trying way to hard and it does not sound natural. But besides that they kick fucking ass.
My favorite song by Shadows fall is "Stepping outside the Circle." It has one of the best solos I ever heard.
my favorate band, very tecnical skillful playing by all members defently hardcore not for a "soft" croud.
i met jon donais...hes got soft hands.
by 12inch italian January 28, 2004
A kickass band with great music and instrumentals, and awesome lyrics.
Great album- Shadows Fall--The Art of Balance
by Metallica Owns You November 9, 2003
a sweet band that has awesome beats, lyrics, and leads. they should always tour with Killswitch Engage
listen to shadows fall - stepping outside the circle
by „¤„¦„©„¢ November 1, 2003
The world's greatest ever band with no exception!
'The Mystery Of One Spirit' is probably the greatest song that will ever grace our universe.
by Ali October 25, 2004