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Someone who thinks their slick, and tries to insult the intelligence of others with their deceptions.
The shadey student snuck out the back door to avoid going to class.
by white chocolate cookie June 08, 2012
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A person who is straight up savage, with a short temper. She will tell you what's on her mind, she's also very honest. She's a good friend and will always have your back. She has a very unique personality, and doesn't care about what others think of her.
That's Shadey, but be careful not to piss her off
by Tq.x$x February 28, 2017
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A word to describe a person you should never trust. Shadey depicts someone who is prone to snitch or rat. It's the word suited for suspicious activity or some one or something to be wary of.
Man, that guy is shadey as hell... he's all flustered and jumpy -and he hasnt once taken off those sunglasses. Just seems like he's hiding something...

2nd example:
You were out all night with that shadey bitch- I know you're cheatin'!
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A Pronoun for a group of nefarious characters. One some one would not normally talk to unless one is seeking drugs or other illicit items.
Guy 1 : Do you have any Blow I'm Fiending?
Guy 2 : No sorry Bro. But I'll hit up them Shadeys for you
Guy 1 : All right dont be to sketch about it.
by ThEFiEnDerEst June 15, 2010
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