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the term shabookiey describes a nasty girl . this describes a shabookiey :
1. try to stick your ass out

2. walk like you have something stuck up your ass

3. smack your hands together when you is talking

4. pound your fist

5. wear them FAKE bamboos

6. say your jewelry is real if it isnt

7. wear baby phat , eco red , roca wear , encye
8. wear them long ass acrylic nails

9. be all ghetto for nothing

10. yelling at the top of your lungs for nothing

11. holes in your stockings
12. fucked up tracks
13. your beehive of your weeve is showing

14. your tracks are showing

15. trying to make your feet look small
16. wearin too little shoes

17. being booshiee

18. talking southern

19. holes in your socks
20. fucking your family

21. if you have already had sex before you were/are 17

22. always ashee
23. if you always floodin
24. your pants are hella baggy

25. you put baby hair

26. calling your self a barbie
.................. all of that describes a shabookiey. if you call yourself a barbie you are just plastic and fake !
by AiM sn ;; nerdxlovexx April 23, 2010
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